New Year Cocktails

Having a New Year’s eve party? Show off to your guests with these creative cocktails.

Equal parts of orange juice & soda, dash of sugar
Serve over ice, garnish with an orange slice

Strawberry Colada
Equal parts of fresh or frozen strawberries, cream of coconut, pineapple juice
Blend with ice until smooth

Splash of each lime & orange juice
Blend with ice until smooth, serve in a salt rimmed glass, and garnish with a lime wedge

Equal parts of orange & pineapple juice, dash of Grenadine, splash of soda, some lemon juice
Combine all but soda, shake, top with soda, garnish with cherry

Tomato Cooler
Tomato juice, splash of lemon juice & tonic
Combine lemon & tomato juice in a tall glass, top with tonic, garnish with a lemon wedge & celery stalk

Shirley Temple
Splash of Grenadine, 7-Up
Pour grenadine over tall glass of 7-Up