Keeping your hunger at bay

5 ideas to making healthy snacking easier

We all get those moments when our stomachs are rumbling just a couple of hours after breakfast or a couple before diner. No need to panic and start thinking about calorie counting, we just need to snack smart and not binge on highly processed foods, high on sugar and empty on nutrients. Shopping smart and prepping on the weekend goes along way to keep our cravings at bay:

1. Prepare small zip-lock bags of nut mixes: Refill your pantry with unsalted nuts and seeds. Prepare small zip-lock bags with a mix of your favorite picks along with a tiny portions of dried cranberries or raisins. Grab one of those portions before dashing out the door. Good fats help keep you feeling full and satisfied.

2. Prepping containers of fresh fruits and veggies: washing and cutting your veggies and fruits when buying them on the weekend makes them accessible and easier to opt for. Soaks your fruits and veggies for ten minutes in cold water and vinegar to kills most of bacteria which makes them last longer. Cut them up and mix it up in Tupperware. Carrots, celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and cauliflower work wonderfully with a dip of hummus or good quality cheese.

3. Refill your pantry with real nut butter: opt for the ones that have no additives (neither sugar, nor hydrogenated oil). Go for the famous combos such as “apple slices/peanut butter” or “banana/almond butter”.

4. Roasted seaweed is your friend: they come in an excellent form to be carried around. They are light in weigh and loaded with iodine. they are also on the list of alkaline foods which we desperately need to balance our bodies’ PH. You can eat them with raw veggies or with a helping of cheese.

5. Boiled eggs: have a small batch of organic boiled eggs in your fridge. Eggs are high on nutrients. Grab an egg with some raw veggies and cheese.