Who is Angela Simmons Engaged to

The 28-year-old daughter of legendary rapper Rev Run announced the news on Instagram on Tuesday.

“YES!! I couldn’t be more excited,” Simmons captioned a short video of her big sparkler. “This is only something I could of only dreamed of.”

Her father couldn’t contain his excitement either. “Congrats Angela!!!” he tweeted. “Daddy loves you!!! I’m so happy for you!!!”

While there is much to celebrate, there is a bit of mystery involved. The identity of her fiancé is unknown.

She’s kept much of her relationship under wraps and has only posted pictures of her guy from the back.

“But HOW did it happen, Angela?!” we scream internally into the abyss. As for the man who popped the question, well, that’s when things get even murkier.

Fans and followers of the Run’s House star were completely caught off guard when Simmons announced her engagement on the social media site, even though many wished her kind words of congratulations anyways. But some weren’t afraid to voice their confusion. One user commented on the video saying, “She was dating someone?” While another user, ashanaa_, wrote, “Who’s the lucky boy?”

“My one and only #MCE,” she praised her mystery man over a month ago with a photo from behind. “The true definition of a MCE… One who truly has your back. #TrueLove #Thankful.”