‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6, Episode 3: Oathbreaker

Game of Thrones season 6 episode, ‘Oathbreaker’, might have been a little lacking in drama/event, but it did set up for a reveal that is probably going to shape how the whole saga ends.

When you come back from the dead, you get to make your own rules.

Zombie Jon is much like the old Jon, insofar as he knows nothing. Having woken to find Ser Davos staring at his ripped bod like a slack-jawed Kit Harington fangirl, he gradually figures out what’s going on.

This trajectory is no doubt exciting and heroic, but is it all a little too perfect? ‘Jon Azor is half Stark, half Targ, marries Daenarys and the couple take the Iron Throne, killing a bunch of White Walkers in the process’. It’s all very neat, and given George R. R. Martin’s fondness for abrupt turns and killing off characters, you have to wonder how he’ll blur this story arc, if indeed it is the way he’s going.

Finally, speaking of Ned Stark, Bran’s vision took him to what seems like a key moment in the prehistory of this tale. The main event was the thrilling sword fight at what the broader Thronesweb tells me is the Tower of Joy. Lyanna Stark was apparently inside, alive. Rhaegar Targaryen, the man who official history holds kidnapped and raped her, was dead.

Armed with these search terms, you are now ready for a weekslong tumble through a number of online rabbit holes, should you choose that route. But even if not, intriguing hints were at the margins of the scene. One was the fight itself, which unlike Stark lore, ended not with Ned’s honorable victory but with a sneaky stab in Ser Arthur’s back. Once again, we’re led to believe that the official version of events might not true. (Sansa’s discussion in Season 5 of Lyanna with Littlefinger, included in the pre-episode reminder reel, was similarly equivocal.)