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Chilling out in Summer

Summer Time

Summer, a wonderful time of the year, to go to the beach or swimming pool, it is a time when exercising all year pays off, when people are not ashamed period. Everyone joins in, young and old enjoy their summer till the end. The days are long and nothing beats staying outside till late in the day and you still have the sun up, it is truly a wonderful feeling.

Yet, there are those that are stuck at work, or have to take care of something, an errand maybe or some early morning task or even worse mid day. What can they do to stay cool during that time.

Chilling Out

Staying cool in Summer is not an easy task, with all the heat and sun going on around you. Now I know this might sound obvious, but stay out from under the Sun. Stay in the shade people, I cannot stress this enough. If you can’t find a nice shade to stand under or walk under; wear a slightly wet hat. Now is not the time to worry too much about fashion or style, it’s alright. If you want, you can even walk with an umbrella.

Always carry with you a nice cool icy bottle of water, nothing beats this during a nice hot day. If you are outside and engaged in a lot of physical activity, all I can offer in advice is stop. You have three fourth of the year to occupy yourself in strenuous activity, do you have to do it now?

When it becomes extremely hot, try dipping your extremities (Feet or hand) in a bucket of icey water. Your hands and feet act like heat sinks for your body, cooling those down will cool you down.

Try to make sure that that you have loose fitting light colored cotton clothes, the idea behind that is light colors reflect the sun light while darker colors absorb it. I say hogwash, to heck with physics, either or, its too dang hot. The only time you need a chore done during summer, is If you have a garden that needs watering, I highly recommend doing that, this is a good excuse to actually wet yourself as a grown up outside.

If you are the sweaty type, don’t worry too much about it. This is actually good for you in the heat, you can always carry a bottle of water and splash yourself with it every once in while, this gives you a good excuse for that wet look. Don’t wear sleeveless shirts though, nothing looks more gross than sweaty armpits, wet or not.

If you have access to a supermarket, walk slowly around the fridge sections, you don’t have to actually buy anything. Just enjoy the air conditioning and cool breeze. Malls and shops work as well, enjoy your time in there for as long as possible.

The hottest time during the day is from 12 pm to around 3 pm. This is when the sun is closest and hence the heat, if you are outside at this time, then you are an idiot. Go back indoors and wait it out, better if you can sleep it off in a nice shady spot.

Stay cool people and enjoy your summer.

Why your last Job is like your Ex

There is a period of time when you separate from your significant other that you feel remorse  for leaving them, you look at their pictures and feel the regret, you think you will never find that connection again with anyone else and  when you see them, they seem to be having more fun without you. You think of calling them and begging them to take you back. You know it’s bad for you, the relationship never worked out and yet we look back at the good old days, always thinking that maybe we would be better off with them. Maybe just maybe they would take you back.

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Banks, Taxes and Credit score in Canada

Sat today with a Bank consultant, who explained to me the in’s and out’s of banking, taxes and all the financial advice you can think of, first things first, build a credit history, get a credit card and pay it off every month on time.

Second thing is get a job, easier said than done, first off in Montreal you need french, most employers want you to be able to speak and deal with different people, which most of the time are people who speak french, but it is possible, if you don’t speak french, the province of Quebec can give you free french lessons, just apply and everything will be good. Once you have a job and a steady income, you rating will increase.

Thirdly, pay off your bills using the credit card or bank directly, this establishes a good point of information collection, the bank is your best bet for establishing the credit history, and always pay off your credit card bills when they reach 30% of the limit.

Fourth, don’t ever over spend, no matter the temptation, be smart and thrifty. My guess is if you have the option of credit cards, don’t use too many over your limit. You will spend more and more until you start over spending, and this is a big no no.

Now, you have a bank account and a credit card, open a Tax free Saving account (TFSA), the government of Canada established the initiative of savings, so through your Bank you can open a TFSA  where every year you can add to it $5,000 starting retroactively from 2008, so in 2011 you can save $15,000 tax free. The idea is that any income from a normal savings account is counted towards your taxable income.

Oh, did I mention that your taxable income can go up to 48% depending on your income if you make over $100 grand a year.

My best recommendation is; know your options, talk to your bank first, or tax lawyer.

The Art of being Lazy, a quick guide

We’re all lazy, we try not to be, but you know and I know that if you can, you’d sleep right through the day. Being lazy is an art form that not a lot of people know how to pull off, for some people being lazy is a full time job, a 24/7 full time job.

Waking up every morning is the first step to being lazy, wake up early, get out of bed and have a hearty breakfast, being lazy on an empty stomach takes away from energy better spent on laziness. Now the first thing you do after waking and eating your breakfast, is get your ass on the couch, stretch out and relax, do you have an appointment early in the morning, big mistake.

Rule#1: Never schedule an appointment early in the morning.

After relaxing on the couch, while watching a little early morning TV, go rest again in bed. Going to bed in the morning is the best part and the main reason for waking up early. This stage of the day can last as long as you want, don’t spend too much time in bed though, the day is not over yet.

Ideally get out of bed a little before noon, although if you want to spend more time in bed, go ahead. Once out of bed, change into something more comfortable, never over dress, I personally prefer a loose fitting jeans with a sweatshirt.

Rule#2: Never wear clothes that would hinder you

Sitting or lying down comfortably on a bed or sofa should always be comfortable.  Loose fitting clothes are always in fashion.

The general rule for meetings or shopping that you have to do outside the house is distance and convenience, always try to go to areas that are close to where you live, have easy transportation options or parking, if you’re scheduling the meeting, set it up somewhere close or even better let them come to you.

Rule#3: Never do more than one thing a day.

Once the meeting or chore is over, your day is done, go relax, if you can, have a snack. Mid day snacking is an important part of your daily schedule, it not only gives you an excuse to stop working but also gives you a chance to sit down and eat. Turning your lunch break into a traditional 3 course meal is not an easy task, very few employees have successfully mastered the art of telesnacking.



A 9 to 5 job should not hinder your goal of being lazy, the same rules apply, the difference is time and location.

Someone will disagree and say you can’t work in a stable job and be as lazy as you are, I would disagree, if you commit yourself, you will find a way to make it work anywhere you are. Work is no different, it is and has been about making your employers get used to your schedule not the other way around.

With time, your employers will even appreciate the extra burst of energy that you throw their way. The trick is to pace yourself, one thing a day and never ever change your routine, that would be too much work.

Coming home in the afternoon gives you more time to relax, take your time undressing and changing again into your home clothes. A nice hot shower is a welcome addition to an already relaxing day.

Nothing beats a nice hot shower except sitting in bed naked under the sheets after that shower and snoozing for 10 minutes. After which you could go to sleep, or better yet, sit and watch TV, your excuse; disconnecting from the stress of the day.

Rule#4: Never rush through a meal.

Chew your food and savor the taste of each bite.

This schedule on a daily basis is guaranteed to relax and give you plenty of time to think about what you will do tomorrow.

‘Stranger Things’ virtual reality video

Earlier this week, Netflix quietly posted a short, two-minute VR experience on YouTube that takes us back into the home of the Byers family as they receive a phone call from the Upside Down dimension. The VR environment is a perfect replica of the set in the series and the creepy atmospherics instantly transport you back into the Stranger Things world despite the different platform.



This thrilling Netflix-original drama stars award-winning actress Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, who lives in a small Indiana town in 1983 — inspired by a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences. When Joyce’s 12-year-old son, Will, goes missing, she launches a terrifying investigation into his disappearance with local authorities. As they search for answers, they unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl.

Deadly Tornado Emergency

A tornado that tore through Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and touched down near Connerville, officials said.

The “large and extremely dangerous” tornado also trapped six people under debris south of the town of Wynnewood in Garvin County, the National Weather Service said. The agency reported that multiple homes were destroyed between Elmore City and Interstate 35.

A second person was killed in a storm-related incident in the Connorville-Bromide area, the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office told NBC News. Details weren’t immediately available.

Severe storms in Arkansas destroyed property in Avilla, west of Little Rock, and smashed at least one plane at the Salem Airport, 150 miles north of Little Rock, KTHV-TV reported.

The tornado was one of several spun off by a violent weather system that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center warned could create more twisters with wind speeds above 140 mph from eastern Oklahoma to central Arkansas.

The AP spoke with residents across Oklahoma who described hunkering down for safety — in laundry rooms, truck stop showers and school safe rooms — as the storms came close.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado emergency for the Hickory and Roff, Oklahoma, areas, where a large and dangerous tornado was approaching.

Also tornado touched down in central Iowa, with no immediate reports of damage, and another hit near Nehawka, Neb., about 30 miles south of Omaha.

The National Weather Service warned that later in the day scattered but severe thunderstorms were likely throughout the middle Mississippi and lower Ohio Valleys, and from central and into northern Texas, as well as across parts of the northern and central Plains.


Mercury Spins around the Sun

Mercury, the smallest and fastest planet in the solar system, has reached the end of its journey across the face of the sun – we won’t see it again until 2019.

Skywatchers across the globe have enjoyed an opportunity to see Mercury transit the Sun.

It was the third such pass of 14 this century; Mercury will not make another transit until 2019 and then 2032.

Social media were abuzz on Monday with images of the unusual spectacle.

The event is impossible – and dangerous – to view with the naked eye or binoculars, but astronomy groups worldwide are offering the chance view it through filtered telescopes.


Mercury spins around the Sun every 88 days, but its orbit is tilted relative to the Earth’s. It is that discrepancy which makes it relatively rare for the three bodies to line up in space.


NASA is offering several avenues for the public to view the event without specialized and costly equipment, including images on, a one-hour NASA Television special, and social media coverage.

Some people were watching the live views from space and ground telescopes online. Mercury appeared as a small black dot as it crosses the edge of the sun and into view at 7:12 a.m. The planet made a leisurely journey across the face of the sun, reaching mid-point at approximately 10:47 a.m., and exiting the golden disk at 2:42 p.m. The entire 7.5-hour path across the sun was visible across the Eastern United States – with magnification and proper solar filters – while those in the West can observe the transit in progress after sunrise.


The entire staff of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, all the passionate amateur astronomers of the Flamsteed Society, and many anxious members of the public, spent the weekend obsessively refreshing the Met Office weather forecast app – but the threat never changed, the skies over London would have 100% cloud cover, and the best chance of observing the transit of Mercury before 2049 would be lost.

When the Observatory’s many clocks struck noon, and the skies overhead were still an improbable Mediterranean blue, the elation was tangible.

“Every time we have a big event over London, we expect the weather to turn on us,” astronomer Tom Kerss said. High over his head, light too dazzling to look at was pouring through the slot in the dome through which the Great Equatorial Telescope peered, trained on the sun after almost a century of looking at the moon and stars.

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6, Episode 3: Oathbreaker

Game of Thrones season 6 episode, ‘Oathbreaker’, might have been a little lacking in drama/event, but it did set up for a reveal that is probably going to shape how the whole saga ends.

When you come back from the dead, you get to make your own rules.

Zombie Jon is much like the old Jon, insofar as he knows nothing. Having woken to find Ser Davos staring at his ripped bod like a slack-jawed Kit Harington fangirl, he gradually figures out what’s going on.

This trajectory is no doubt exciting and heroic, but is it all a little too perfect? ‘Jon Azor is half Stark, half Targ, marries Daenarys and the couple take the Iron Throne, killing a bunch of White Walkers in the process’. It’s all very neat, and given George R. R. Martin’s fondness for abrupt turns and killing off characters, you have to wonder how he’ll blur this story arc, if indeed it is the way he’s going.

Finally, speaking of Ned Stark, Bran’s vision took him to what seems like a key moment in the prehistory of this tale. The main event was the thrilling sword fight at what the broader Thronesweb tells me is the Tower of Joy. Lyanna Stark was apparently inside, alive. Rhaegar Targaryen, the man who official history holds kidnapped and raped her, was dead.

Armed with these search terms, you are now ready for a weekslong tumble through a number of online rabbit holes, should you choose that route. But even if not, intriguing hints were at the margins of the scene. One was the fight itself, which unlike Stark lore, ended not with Ned’s honorable victory but with a sneaky stab in Ser Arthur’s back. Once again, we’re led to believe that the official version of events might not true. (Sansa’s discussion in Season 5 of Lyanna with Littlefinger, included in the pre-episode reminder reel, was similarly equivocal.)