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The 1940s Clothes and Makeup Styles

The style of the 1940s is influencing today’s fashions in many ways: the feminine lines, the flowy fabrics and the delicate patterns. We have compiled a little taste of what the original western 1940s fashion and make up were like. Now you can create your own influences on your wardrobe.

In the 1940’s women’s coats had large collars and enormous shoulder pads. Fur coats
became the trend.

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Make up Clinic


I use sun block as protection for my skin from sun damage, but now I’m pregnant, do you think I should stop using it? Thank you

Answer:  Dear Dina,

There should be no reason for you to stop using sun block now that you are pregnant. Sun block is not known to have any effect on pregnancy. To be on the safe side however, just check the bottle of the particular brand you are using for specific warnings for pregnant women. If you find nothing, you are safe to carry on using it.

Question: Hi, I really need guidance on where to buy the best make-up within a budget. I can spend around 50-100 per month on cosmetics, but I need to know the best brand (i.e one that is good for the skin) and within the budget. Help? Thanks. 

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Oily Complexion

Question: I have an oily complexion especially in the forehead, nose and chin area. My engagement party is coming up soon and of course I want to put on make-up that won’t sear in the end, any suggestions?



Dear Aya,

The best option for you would be to use make-up which is oil-free. Christian Dior have some good water-based foundations that I use myself and that have kept make-up on for hours. Go to different make-up counters and see which foundations you prefer, making sure they are oil-free.

The other thing you can do is check that your moisturiser is the right type for your skin. An oily moisturiser will not work even with oil-free make up.

Before putting your make-up on, run some ice cubes on your face. Once you’ve got the right moisturiser and the right foundation, apply some loose powder (even some talcum powder would work) lightly over your face and your make-up should last all evening with no need for major retouching.

Best of luck at your engagement party!

Make Big Lips looking Smaller

Question: Dear Hanem, I have big lips, what can I do to make them look smaller?


Answer: Dear Hapy,

The best option for you is to use a foundation all over your lips before applying lipstick. You can then use some lip liner to define the shape of your lips. Make sure to draw the line on the inside of your lips. However, you must not leave too much space between your natural lip line and the line you draw as this will look unnatural.

Tips so that mascara doesn’t look too heavy

Question: I hardly ever wear mascara cause it always looks too heavy on me. I’d like to try though, do you have any tips so that my mascara doesn’t look too heavy?

Answer: First of all, most people use mascara incorrectly so let me give a tip about that: don’t pump your mascara wand into the mascara container. This pushes air into the container and makes the mascara dry out faster. Gently insert the wand, turn two or three times, then remove and apply to the lashes.

As for your question, it’s best to use less mascara on your lower lashes. For clumpy eyelashes, use a lash comb to remove clumps. If your mascara thickens when it reaches the end of the tube, place tube in warm water. This will help make the mascara thinner.

When putting on eye make-up, people often forget that well brushed, well-groomed eyebrows make a huge difference to the overall look. Remember that brow hairs do not grow back thicker from plucking, be sure to invest in a good pair of tweezers. Also, If you want your eyebrows to stay in place, put clear mascara on them or a little hairspray on the eyebrow groomer and brush to the desired shape.

Question: Eyeshadow always gets wiped off when I go out.

Question: Eyeshadow always gets wiped off when I go out. What do I do? Raja.


Dear Raja,

The absolute first thing I would do is get a good eye shadow base that will prepare your eye area for the colour and keep it locked there.

Melting eyeshadow is a problem for all of us but there is a way to make it “stick” a little longer. I have found that if you use a damp eyeshadow brush and apply a layer of face powder to your lids and allow to set, the shadow will stay in place for the day. Takes an extra second or so but the effort is well worth it.

Question: What kind of eye make-up matches my eye

Question: My eyes are wide and dark brown and I don’t know what kind of eye make-up matches them. I like dark make-up, like dark shades around the eyes.


Simple eye makeup can really bring out your eyes, and you don’t need six different shadows to do it. For everyday, I like to use one lid colour, one highlight colour, and one liner colour (shadow or pencil depending on your preference). If you pick neutral shades like browns, greys, and plums, you can actually create several different looks from just three colours. If you have brown eyes, shades of blue, blue grey, and plum will make your eyes stand out.

Lid Colour
Since the lid colour is going to be the focal point of your eye makeup, the part that makes your eyes stand out the most, I like to use a good eye shadow brush and a good quality shadow that is soft, blends easily, and won’t crease. Using the eye shadow colour you’ve chosen for your lid, apply the shadow across your lid in small strokes. Don’t get too close to the crease or to your brow bone, since that’s where the highlighter goes.


Highlighting is the easiest step in eye makeup. Using a small eye shadow brush, pick up a bit of your light colour with the brush, and apply to the area just under your eye brows.

Personally, I like using a dark shadow and a flat, square liner brush much better than pencils. Using a dark eye shadow like a deep brown, black, navy, or charcoal (or plum which goes really well with brown eyes) and a liner brush with fairly stiff bristles you can get the same defining effect as a pencil without a heavy pencil line.

If you are just starting out with shadow as liner, you could even use Q-tips. Use the edge of the brush/applicator with the colour on it to draw a thin line as close to the base of your lashes as possible. Make sure to start at the inside corner of your eye and work all the way out to the outer corner.

Applying eye shadow isn’t tricky – you just need to remember a few simple tips.

    1.    Always tap the excess shadow off the brush before you apply it to your lid, otherwise all the extra will fall into your eye or smear on your cheek.

    2.    Work slowly and deliberately. Plan where you want to the shadow to go, and don’t be afraid to take your time to get it right (especially with liner).

    3.    Blend the edges of the colour using a clean brush so there are no obvious lines between where colour starts and ends.

Makeup question: How do you stop lipstick from bleeding around the lips?

Well, lipstick will usually bleed if you have smaller lips. If you have fuller lips, it will bleed if you’re using low quality make-up or are applying too much. My advice is to always use lip liner. Lip liner is made from wax and so will stop lipstick from bleeding.

Once you’ve applied the lip liner, apply the lipstick as you usually would and then blot it with a tissue. Once you’ve done that, find a blush or eye shadow that matches the color of your lipstick and put some on your lips very lightly with some cotton wool. I guarantee no bleeding lipstick!