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Moral Development

Many of you, whether you are parents or contemplating having children, may be worried about what the morals or values you want to teach your children. There are different psychologists who have theorised about the moral development of children. One of the most prominent theories was put forward by Mark Kohlberg (1963). He believed that morality is learned throughout childhood and adolescence in a set of stages.

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Several psychologist’s have put forward theories of development and you may be familiar with names such as Freud or Piaget. Erik Erikson (1963) was one of the first psychologists to propose a theory based on a genetically determined sequence of stages throughout a person’s life. He believed that at every stage the person goes through a crisis as a result of two conflicting personality options.


Mums can be sexy too!

Well it’s Valentine’s day, you’re a new mum, your feeling down and your morale is shattered when your partner doesn’t show up with flowers, kisses and chocolates. You run to your friends for sympathy and moral support in tears and declare that he doesn’t love you anymore. Let us review the facts for the past few weeks (or months) in which you’ve been completely preoccupied with this baby or child.

Every time your husband walks in all you have to say is nappies, crying, burping, tired, bloated, aching, etc. I know you’re tired and your whole routine has changed but surprise, surprise so has your husband’s. He has been quickly shifted from first place to a lagging second. You’re likely to be tense and have the mother attitude where everything you’re doing is right and everyone else, including your partner is wrong. If you expect your husband to go the extra mile then you have to make him feel like he’s worth it. This means that you need to dress up, put some make-up and remind him that you’re still a woman as well as a mum. He also needs to feel that you want him.

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Obesity in Children

Being overweight is difficult at any age and it is becoming increasingly so as the ideals of our societies move further and further away from ‘real’ bodies. Nevertheless, it is more difficult in childhood mainly because children can be cruel and tease each other relentlessly. this is the time that people form their body image and self esteem and overweight children see themselves as ‘defective’, an image which will endure. During adolescence, teenagers are particularly aware of their body and how it compares to others.

There isn’t one cause for obesity, it is usually a mixture of genetics and environment. A child’s obesity can be difficult for parents too because they don’t know how to act and they will often be criticized for their child’s weight. The child will often feel excluded from his peers especially since children prefer to socialize with children of similar weight. Moreover, if their siblings are not overweight they may feel left out of their family too. There is one thing that parents do that may promote overeating such as using food as a reward or a form of comfort. For example: “If you finish your homework you can have a chocolate”.

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Diabetes in Children

There are two main types of diabetes named type I and type II. Type I is rarer, it is found in about 10% of people with diabetes and is the one more common with children. The immune system destroys the body’s insulin-producing cells in the pancreas and lack of insulin can cause the body to starve. The result is that the body can no longer break down food properly and use its energy.

The cause of type I diabetes is multidimensional. The person must have a genetic predisposition but it is usually triggered by some factor in the environment like a virus for example. The symptoms range from excessive thirst, to excessive urination, excessive hunger, weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, high blood sugar level, sugar and ketones in the urine and for girls vaginal yeast infections (even in infants or toddlers). Treatment consists of daily injections of insulin but you must be careful because in the beginning the person may feel he doesn’t need insulin but he/she must continue to use the treatment.

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Coping with Menopause

You can hardly turn your head without reading some article or seeing some TV programme talking about the pains of puberty, but you mention the word menopause and everyone goes quiet. Menopause is a natural change and it would serve and any female to know about it whether she is a long way a way, experiencing it or dealing with a mother who is going through it.

Menopause occurs when a woman’s oestrogen levels are reduced to the extent that her ovaries do not release eggs any more and she stops getting her period. This usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 but some women can experience it early.

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Eating Disorders

Even diseases go through fashion changes. Every era is plagued with its own diseases and disorders to challenge the medical profession. Today we are faced, among other things of course, with eating disorders. These disorders are divided into 3 main categories: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and compulsive overeating.

Anorexia nervosa is characterised by self starvation, a preoccupation with food, over exercising and eventually a lack of periods. People who suffer from bulimia binge, which means that they will eat outrageous amounts of food at once and then feel guilty so they either make themselves vomit or abuse laxatives. Compulsive overeaters tend to eat constantly without purging so they put on weight. These disorders are serious and in some cases can be fatal.

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He Hit Me but I Deserved It!

Sometimes it feels like men have been given some natural license to treat women like subordinates or inferiors, and women have been fighting for decades to change this perception. This is why seeing women being abused by their partners is especially difficult to accept. Battered Wife Syndrome is the name given to the psychological and behavioural symptoms derived from this type of abusive relationship.

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The Value of Education

Most people today understand the value of education and parents try very hard to pass this sense on to their children and are surprised when they fail. Parents are desperate for their children to succeed and they convey this to them. It is too familiar a scene when parents lock their children in their room to finish their homework or tell them they’re better off studying than watching a movie. Children get the message early on that they are studying to please their parents and this may cause certain problems.

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