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50 Years of Bond Girls

The lastest James Bond movie, Skyfall, hit US theatres, and with everyone talking about Daniel Craig and comparing him to the previous Bond actors.

The women in the movies deserve their own recognition for their captivating names and characters that they played and the amazing clothes they wore. And now, thanks to a clever graphic from a London- based marketing agency, you can see every single iconic Bond girl outfit on one picture.

Big Group has created an ‘infographic’ featuring 77 of the most memorable looks from 1962’s debut Bond film Dr No all the way through to upcoming movie Spectre, starring Daniel Craig.

As there is no clear definition of what actually constitutes a Bond girl, the brand chose stand-out characters whose clothing was significant and of note.

Limited by space, they chose outfits that were worn for the most amount of time and during the most memorable scenes. The ruled out functional get-ups and disguises.

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Why Buy Artificial Plants?

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There is a wide variety of fake plants and trees on the market, mainly available online, and the quality has improved massively over recent years. You can purchase trees, flowers and arrangements for use indoors as well as outside, and there are even fire retardant versions of some items available making them suitable for use in public buildings. If you took time to notice them, you will find that artificial flowers and trees are everywhere, it’s just they are not always obvious due to the constantly improving quality – you can even purchase soft touch flowers making it even more difficult to tell them apart from the real thing.

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Are you tired of feeling like the living proof of evolution? Half woman –half ape? Yes well so am I. I hate the horrible process of hair removal and I know most women can relate. Very often I don’t have time to go to the hairdresser to have the hair removed and I’m not organised enough to call the “halawa” lady before the last minute. If I try doing it for myself, I end up covered in halawa, sticking to the carpet, ruining my clothes and not having pulled out one single hair… ok maybe one!

Well ladies, here is an alternative halawa method that will make your life easier.

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Flower Arranging

Whether it’s a dinner party, a birthday party or simply to decorate the house, flowers are always a beautiful thing. When arranging flowers, you need to be aware of some things. Here are a few helpful hints we have to help you arrange your flowers.

Decide where you will place your flower arrangement before you make it so you can determine if the finished piece should be tall or wide or round and full.

Select a container that is appropriate for the decor and/or theme of the arrangement.

Choose a vase that is in proportion to the flowers. Often the vase should make up one half to one-third the size of the total arrangement.

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Herbal Decorations

Want to decorate a table in an original way? Why not use herbs. Fresh herbal arrangements are the perfect way to decorate a dinner table. Their fragrance awakens the senses, while their flowers and leaves provide colour and interest as well as instant garnishing material.

For a simple dinner party, a spray of parsley, mint, marjoram or thyme by each place setting looks attractive and can be nibbled to freshen the palate between courses, to sharpen the appetite or to aid digestion.

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Making Paper

Bored of writing on photocopy paper? Sick of wrapping gifts in traditional paper? Well, why not make your own paper? It’s so easy and you can personalise it in so many different ways. Maybe the paper itself can be a gift for someone… give it a try and tell us what you think

You will need:

  • Large plastic basin
  • Wooden frames with strong net stapled on it
  • One extra frame without netting
  • Newspapers

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Throwing A Party

Are you throwing a New Year’s party this year? Our tips may help you. While most of the ideas you see here are basic common sense, it can be of great help as a checklist during the sometimes stressful last days before a large party.

The secret to hosting a wonderful party is remarkably simple: Create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where people feel welcome. And it all starts with you. If you’re a nervous, anxiety-ridden host, you’ll end up with nervous, anxious guests. But, if you set the mood, relax, and enjoy yourself, so will your guests.

Successful parties always cost more than expected. Plan to spend at least 1 1/2 times your original estimated cost.

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