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Do you need a health coach, or Not!

Do you feel you’re missing out on something?

If you’re one of the lucky 2% on this planet for whom money is not an issue and you delegate any given task (I wouldn’t blame you), then don’t read on.

Health Coaching is an example of a service that started as a trend between the rich and wealthy and is now trickling down to the average income person.

The in thing now is to be either a health coach or being coached by one. Another cost for gratifying your inner being and for being healthy. But If you’d rather spend this money on a nice vacation or on an enriching experience and still want to be healthy and at the top of your game, then here’s the deal.

Taking charge of your health is a do it yourself (DIY) must, plus doing things yourself is the hip thing nowadays. Why can’t we decide nowadays for ourselves what to eat and what to wear and use our common sense, like it has always been over the past centuries of human existence? Some might argue that you should leave it to the professionals, but this is somewhat irrelevant here because it’s basic eating and physical effort and not an open heart surgery.

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5 ideas to making healthy snacking easier

We all get those moments when our stomachs are rumbling just a couple of hours after breakfast or a couple before diner. No need to panic and start thinking about calorie counting, we just need to snack smart and not binge on highly processed foods, high on sugar and empty on nutrients. Shopping smart and prepping on the weekend goes along way to keep our cravings at bay:
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