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    Moral Development

    Many of you, whether you are parents or contemplating having children, may be worried about what the morals or values you want to teach your children. There are different psychologists who have theorised about the moral development of children. One of the most prominent theories was put forward by Mark Kohlberg (1963). He believed that morality is learned throughout childhood and adolescence in a set of stages. Kohlberg’s research led him to identify six qualitatively different stages of development that he divides into 3 levels (each level has 2 stages). The first level is called the pre-conventional level. In its first stage the child’s moral choices are determined by whether or not…

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    Shyness, The Conversation Killer

    Shyness can be one of the most debilitating character traits. I’m not talking about the kind of shyness where if someone compliments you , you blush… I’m talking about severe shyness, the kind where you simply can’t approach people, you can’t talk to people, you can’t make requests and sometimes you’re too scared to even make a phone call. It is self-doubt that leads us to being shy. It is very much related to how we perceive ourselves, how others perceive us and the importance we attach to how others perceive us. It is not our personality, as some psychologists would have you believe. Self-doubt is a negative characteristic that…

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    Eyeglasses Fashion

    When it comes to prescription eyewear purchasing decisions, statistics show that women most often make the final choice for themselves, their spouses and their families. Therefore, they are typically the most savvy eyeglass frame shoppers. For women themselves, there are a host of choices on the market today. Many collections of eyeglasses are targeted specifically to women. These are appealing to their fashion, color, and price-conscious senses. And taking a sharp turn from the “unisex” trend that was popular in previous years, many eyeglass frames for women are distinctly feminine in shape, style and coloring. The Top Five Trends in Women’s Eyeglasses Feminine eyewear shapes such as cat-eyes, glamorous larger…

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    Children and Diabetes

    There are two main types of diabetes named type I and type II. Type I is rarer, it is found in about 10% of people with diabetes and is the one more common with children. The immune system destroys the body’s insulin-producing cells in the pancreas and lack of insulin can cause the body to starve. The result is that the body can no longer break down food properly and use its energy.  The cause of type I diabetes is multidimensional. The person must have a genetic predisposition but it is usually triggered by some factor in the environment like a virus for example. The symptoms range from excessive thirst,…

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    Exercises for your Eyes

    When we’ve had a good workout we need to stretch to relax the muscles. When we’ve had a long moment of concentration, we do something different to relax the brain. When we read for a long time or sit at the computer for a long time, we usually relax by watching TV. Poor Eyes! They are never getting a break. Presented here are a series of eye exercises that promote relaxation of the eye, or strengthens and conditions them.  General tips when doing eye exercises: Please take off your glasses or contact lenses, you will then feel more comfortable and relaxed. When doing the exercises, intensely concentrate on your eyes.…

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    Corn Flake Macaroons

    Indulge in these cookies, which are easy to make and are a genius way to use leftover corn flakes that’s been sitting a bit too long on your shelf. So get whipping! Ingredients • 1 egg white• 1/2 cup sugar• 1/2 cup shredded coconut• 1 cup corn flakes• 1/4 teaspoon almond extract• 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract• pinch salt Instructions Preheat oven to 325F or 165C. Beat egg white until stiff.Stir remaining ingredients in. Drop by teaspoonfuls on baking sheet and bake about 20 minutes.Makes 18. Photo by FoodGenerations from Pexels

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    The Importance of Vitamin A

    We all know that vitamins are essential; we all know they’re good for us but  we don’t always know which vitamin performs which function. In this article we’re exploring Vitamin A, tell you why you need it and where to get it from. Why Do I Need Vitamin A? Vitamin A is part of a group of compounds called retinoids and is essential for growth, bone development, night vision, reproduction, and to fight infection. Your body also uses Vitamin A for growth, healthy skin and cells (epithelial) that line any opening to the body (nose, throat, lungs, mouth, stomach, intestines, vagina and urinary tract). Absorption of vitamin A is dependent…

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    Makeover tips for over 60

    Want to give your mom a make over? Here are some great tips for getting older and looking great while you’re getting there. Don’ts Don’t wear baggy, shapeless clothes.  Don’t wear fussy prints like tiny florals.  Don’t wear overdone, fussy styles or details (gold buttons, gold trim, etc.). They are terribly aging.  Don’t think you have to wear skirt suits to look well dressed. Even though they may be “in,” some skirt suits can be very aging. Trousers are generally much more youthful, so a better choice would be a trousersuit or a trouser and coat ensemble.  Don’t shy away from all black. It looks great, especially when textures are…

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    Coping with Menopause

    You can hardly turn your head without reading some article or seeing some TV programme talking about the pains of puberty, but you mention the word menopause and everyone goes quiet. Menopause is a natural change and it would serve and any female to know about it whether she is a long way a way, experiencing it or dealing with a mother who is going through it. Menopause occurs when a woman’s oestrogen levels are reduced to the extent that her ovaries do not release eggs any more and she stops getting her period. This usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 but some women can experience it…

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    Where do Stepmothers Fit In on Mother’s Day?

    When Mother’s Day approaches, we tend to remember all the wonderful things about our mothers. And so we should, mothers deserve it, after all, they’ve been there for us, they’ve taught us all we know, they’ve shared good and bad moments with us… but sometimes, it’s not the mother who has done all that. Sometimes it’s the stepmother. Being a stepmother is an uphill battle. In fairy tales, literature and television, stepmothers are portrayed as cruel, selfish, unfair and usually insane. I mean when someone says stepmother, who doesn’t think of Cinderella’s evil stepmother or Snow White’s even more evil stepmother? But life is rarely as black and white as…